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Video of the new HSM cast's audition process and other news

Video of the 'next generation' of Zac Efron, Ashley Tisdale, and Corbin Bleu.

I've included only the really fresh parts of the article:

At this point, Zac walks in and joins us. He's looking very cute in a navy blue knit cap, white t-shirt, navy pants, navy long-sleeved shirt and super white Converse tennis shoes.

Zac: What's up? Oh my gosh, I already know you.

TeenHollywood: Yep, we've interviewed you a few times...

TeenHollywood: What are your favorite scenes in this movie so far?

Zac: It's crazy. There's a lot of random stuff in this movie. [looking at her] We have a great scene. I like our scene. That was fun.

Michelle: The sad one?

Zac: Yeah. I just get to console my daughter.

Michelle: He's very paternal and caring.

Zac: It's one of the few scenes where I really be a dad for a minute.

Somebody comes in and tells Michelle we can't shoot the scene because of the wind and they need her on another set.

Michelle: No way!

Zac: [to us] So you don't have to be out in the cold.

Michelle: So we're going to the house? Can't we finish this up?

TeenHollywood: What was the scene you were supposed to shoot tonight?

Zac: We were supposed to shoot a bonfire party.

Michelle: Now we're gonna.... Just not [she laughs].

TeenHollywood: We thought we were going to be watching some guy catch his leg on fire at the campfire.

Zac: See, stuff like that keeps happening. One of us catches on fire...

TeenHollywood: Do you guys have retro-music in the movie?

Zac: I don't know what the soundtrack is yet. But I'm not gonna give away the big song.

Source: On the Beach with Zac and Michelle


The cult of 20-year-old tween heart-throb Zac Efron, the star of High School Musical 1, 2 and 3, doesn't look set to end soon. My friend Dolly, 8, has recently added to her Zac memorabilia collection, which last year comprised a life-size poster of Zac, with the image of co-star Vanessa Hudgens defaced in felt-tip pen. Now, she has an Efron doll, an Efron double pillow set, an Efron egg cup and an Efron dressing gown. And the Zac magic isn't working on Dolly alone. Yesterday, Dolly's mum confided that she is helpless in the face of Efron's resemblance to her own first true love, Michael J Fox. Both girls were heartbroken over Efron's January appendicitis and wish him the safest journey possible back to health.

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