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17 Again Updates

Where the fuck is Zac Efron? LOL, JK! Not really though. LOL.

Seriously he better leave tonight or he's screwed if his plane is delayed.

So yeah, he must be leaving tonight or he already snuck out via San Francisco.

Okay. On to more interest things (but only slightly).

HQ Poster
(tbh, I can't look at this for too long cause his eyes look photoshopped funny or something... see comparison here. Ugh, why did they try to mess with what was already perfect? 'idiots!' /napoleon dynamite voice)

Schedule (updates in italics):
March 11th: Sydney premiere (5:45pm @ Hoyts-Entertainment Quarter)
March 15th: Rove
March 16th: Melbourne premiere (6pm @ Village Cinemas Jam Factory)
March 23rd: Meet and Greet Signing (5:30pm @ Fnac-Châtelet, Paris)
March 24th: Paris premiere
March 26th: London premiere (@ Odeon West End Leicester Square)
March 28th: Nick KCAs
April 2nd: ShoWest Awards Gala thingee
April 11th: SNL
April 14th: Los Angeles premiere (6pm @ Grauman's Chinese Theatre)
April 27th: Madrid premiere (tbh, I don't know where this date came from so consider it tentative).

Other: He didn't get Men's Health (Taylor Kitsch did I think) :( and not much else to add I think. Oh, but we do have an addendum to our wish list. Justin Timberlake cameo on Zef's SNL. Please and thank you, God.

Jeezbee and I (mostly Jeezbee) found some contest info for those beyotches lucky enough to be near these places:

Something in the Netherlands???
No idea when this is but I'm guessing second half of April

New Zealand:

Details: buy the mag i guess?
Fuck guys we could almost enter and fly down their with plane tickets so cheap these days. It'd be worth it to get zef alone, lol.

Paris Premiere Tixs:
Place de Cinema

London Premiere Tixs:
Get Lippy

Melbourne Premiere Tixs:
Total Girl
Film Ink
Village Cinems

Trailer #1
HD Trailer #2
Trailer in German with a couple of new shots (lol their voices are funny.)
Trailer in French (voices are better here than the German and they use Zac's scream, but still it is amusing me in my tiredness, lol)

And also (via ff), 17 Again is Marie Claire's movie of the month. "An older man's brain locked in Zac Efron's hard body is a fantasy we'll embrace." Mmmmmmmmmm, hard body.

I am also aware of the soundtrack news. That is going in a separate post shortly, for reasons you will see.
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