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Zefron to be on Rove!

Yay! I was right about the reason for them moving the Melbourne premiere.

Zaccy is going to go on Rove and be charming and adorable. This pleases me muchly thank you.

Also on that night, Russell Brand which raises the potential for EPIC FUNNINESS ten fold.

From source:

Let the squeals begin. Zac Efron is due to visit Rove.

Efron will be visiting Australia and dropping by the Rove studios on March 15th to promote his new film 17 Again.

Like many Hollywood comedy film plots, the film is about an adult whose life becomes a fantasy when he suddenly finds himself a teenager once more. Efron plays a younger version of Matthew Perry as man turned boy.

17 Again promo schedule update (update in italics):

March 11th: Sydney premiere (5:45pm @ Hoyts-Entertainment Quarter)
March 15th: Rove
March 16th: Melbourne premiere (6pm @ Village Cinemas Jam Factory)
March 26th: London premiere (@ Odeon West End Leicester Square)
March 28th: KCA
April 2nd: ShoWest
April 11th: SNL
April 14th: Los Angeles premiere (6pm @ Grauman's Chinese Theatre)

For fun, Zac's last appearance on Rove (3 videos in playlist):

source via jeezbee
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