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17 Again promo picking up and my promo wishlist.

Thanks to jeezbee who pointed out the following from this guy's flickr:

Also, 17 Again was included in EW's 17 Movies We Can't Wait to See and also's "29 Most Anticipated Movies of 2009" (although really they mean like April-December 2009 but w/e).

17 Again promo schedule update (update in italics):

March 11th: Sydney premiere
March 16th: Melbourne premiere
March 26th: London premiere
March 28th: KCA (fuckwads, can we start a write-in campaign?)
April 2nd: ShoWest
April 11th: SNL
April 14th: Los Angeles premiere

I think it is great they changed the Melbourne date, that gives me hope that he'll be on Rove!!!

Okay, so that said, I think we should make a wishlist of what we want to see, just for fun.

My wishlist:

Oprah (idk?)
Jay Leno
Jimmy Fallon - Conan will be off the air :(
Jimmy Kimmel (these are always fun)
Craig Ferguson
Jonathan Ross - unlikely since premiere is on Thursday and this films on Thurs :(
Moviefone Unscripted (with Tom Lennon, y, and Leslie Mann or Matthew Perry, ?)
Live with Regis and Kelly

Note on Chelsea Lately - I'm not sure I really want him to do this. I don't think he likes her based on his experience on The View. And I think his insistence at not talking about his private life pissed her off. So it could be awkward.

Interview magazine (basically confirmed)
Entertainment Weekly cover
Men's Health cover (can they please have surfing pictures inside?)
GQ (yes I know this is unlikely for a cover, but maybe some inside pics??)
Vanity Fair (it won't be a cover, but inside pics again would be nice)
Rolling Stone (inside pics)

What else?
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