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Out of boredom but slightly relevant/interesting...

Given Zef's been hiding away in LA or SLO (or somewhere else who knows?).

One of the owners of Bauer-Griffin (a photog agency) talked to some dude from here and basically said Zac Efron paparazzi pictures are worth 100 to 1000 times the David Beckham pics, which, the article implied, are worth $500. No surprise then that Zac gets tailed all the time.

This made me wonder, since Zac is now a recluse, as he has now got himself a private home and learned the ninja tricks of avoiding the paparazzi, I would guess his pictures go up in price. Unless interest dies down. But even then.

Oh I don't know. Like I said, I'm slightly bored by the lack of interesting things happening today. So this was about the only thing to write about and I am half-asleep so I am rambling.

To save this post from being completely worthless:

Can we pretty please have some more pictures released from the Details and EW shoots? Just to hold us until 17 Again promo begins in earnest.

Oh and to the New Line peeps (as if they are reading, lol but just in case): it would be nice if someone would update the 17 Again poster on the Apple website. Right now the trailer can't be drawing any interest because the thumbnail looks like this:

Who the hell is going to look at that?
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