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Zac's 17 Again interview with AlloCiné

I was going to wait to post this... I was hoping for new pics or something, but Just Jared did so I might as well.

Credit to Peryne on FF for translating.

AlloCiné: Why did you accept this role in “17Again” ?
Zac Efron: I filmed this movie before “High School Musical 3”, and thought this character was an interesting challenge for me, cos the opposite of what I usually do. And playing the role of a mature man kind of forced me to grow up in some way, it made me realize what it’s like to be an adult in this world.

AlloCiné: Where do you see yourself when you’ll be 37 ?
Honestly, I have no idea! I don’t even want to think about it. I don’t even know where I’ll be tomorrow, let alone in 20 years! I’m pretty sure I could be in lots of different places when I’ll be 37…

AlloCiné: Do you remember when you were 17 ? It’s not so long ago…
Zac Efron: It’s funny, cos it feels like it was centuries ago! Thinking about all those years up until now actually makes me dizzy…

AlloCiné: What were you doing at 17 ? Filming “High School Musical”, right ?
Zac Efron: Yes. I was 17 or something like that during the first “High School Musical”. We were just getting started and I didn’t really know what people would think about this in the States, how they would react. Nobody was expecting such a huge success. Actually, going to high school was still very normal for me, no big deal. I was just a random student, like anybody else. Someone pretty average: I wasn’t a heartthrob at all, with all the girls falling for me, like in “High School Musical 3”. It’s really funny, cos back then, I was thinking I’d just go to college, and probably be a doctor!

Allociné: I’m sure you were an incredible student…
Zac Efron: Well, I was a good student, with great grades, yeah. I’m very proud of it, cos I was working really hard.

AlloCiné: Do you think you're still going to college one day ?
Zac Efron: Right now, I clearly don’t have time to think about studying. Actually after “High School Musical”, I was thinking about going to USC in Los Angeles, and take some classes, something about cinema obviously. Some of my friends were studying there already, and I was really interested. But then, I had to postpone it for a year, then another year, etc. So now, I’m not sure about all this anymore… But, in some way, thanks to all the movies I filmed, I became a “special “ student…

AlloCiné: Do you recall being bothered by older students when you were in high school ? Experiencing some sort of “test” or “challenge” to be socially accepted ? [OK so, I had a hard time translating this question, cos I don’t know the actual English word at all, and my online translator gave me an odd one LOL. So yeah, I really hope you’ll understand =S]
Zac Efron: No, I’ve been lucky cos I know some people who went through this. Sometimes, it still continues when you’re adult…

AlloCiné: Were there girls, hopelessly in love with you, chasing you everywhere already back then ?
Zac Efron: I wish! But well, while the other boys looked like models or were men already, I still looked like a little boy so girls weren’t even paying attention to me…

AlloCiné: How did you manage to “become” a 37 years old man ?
Zac Efron: Yeah, well, it wasn’t like I could use my experience obviously, so it was a big challenge. Fortunately, the director gave me a lot of advices, so it wasn’t that hard in the end. At least, for once I could play someone else than a 17 year old heartthrob!

AlloCiné: Did you know Matthew Perry before being costars for this movie ?
Zac Efron: I’ve always been a fan of “Friends”, so yeah, I knew who he was of course; but I didn’t know him personally, I had never met him. But it’s cool, I immediately knew he was a great guy, audacious and so hilarious, he’s fine.

AlloCiné: And what was it like to work with an actress who’s 20 years older than you ? Was it a big challenge as well ? Did you try to seduce her ?
Zac Efron: It was a real challenge indeed, and I had no idea whether or not we’d get along. But after 5 minutes chatting with Leslie Mann, I was completely hooked up! She’s really sweet and adorable, and she’s very funny. She’s also open-minded and frank, and not conceited at all. It was definitely lovely to work with her…

AlloCiné: Now, not only teenage girls, but also their moms are fan of yours, how do you feel about it ?
Zac Efron: Well, the moms have been there from the very beginning actually! So I had some time to get used to it. Actually, it’s funny cos sometimes, the moms are even more passionate than their daughters, and it’s a bit weird for me to think that grown-up women have a crush on me and love High School Musical…

AlloCiné: Where did you experience the craziest premiere ?
Zac Efron: Well, movie premieres in general are always crazy. But I have to say that I’ve never seen so much passion than in Mexico recently. It really was a big deal! There were so many people that we couldn’t actually reach the main entry of the theater, so we had to use the doors in the back. That day, I actually saw a slight hint of panic in my bodyguards eyes, they didn’t know how to keep the situation under control…

AlloCiné: It must be complicated to have a normal life in this context, isn’t it ?
Zac Efron: True, but well I can’t complain, cos it’s part of my job, I wanted what’s happening to me. You just have to seize the day and enjoy it, cos one day the craziness will die down anyway. This is the life I’ve always wanted, I made my own destiny, I’ve been passionate and worked really hard to get what I have now. So today, I’m very happy about my life, there’s no way you’ll see me whining cos it’s a bit “complicated” for the moment.

AlloCiné: What’s your biggest ambition ?
Zac Efron: Definitely not being the most popular and famous guy in the world, but maybe becoming the best actor ever ?!!

AlloCiné: Do you use your fame to get what you want more easily, or faster? Like letting your name slip to get the best table at the restaurant ?
Zac Efron: No way! Abusing of your status will, sooner or later, end up being a bad thing. It’s the boomerang effect, you know… And anyway, even when I try to use it, it doesn’t work. It’s funny cos the other day, at the LA premiere of “High School Musical 3”, I was late and couldn’t find a place to park my car. So I tried to go to the VIP parking, but the guard didn’t recognize me. I insisted, saying who I was, but he didn’t believe me and told me he already heard this before. Eventually, I found somewhere to park my car, but I had to pay! Incredible, right ?!

AlloCiné: What did you buy with your first big paycheck ?
Zac Efron: Lots of video games!

AlloCiné: Are you a fan of the WII ?
Zac Efron: I am! I love spending hours playing with my friends… And I also bought a new house in LA. But it’s not a big mansion, I don’t need to brag, I just wanted a place I could call “my home”, something comfy and cool, where I can invite friends and play video games.

AlloCiné: What about “Ohio” with Justin Timberlake, and “Footlose” ?
Zac Efron: I don’t know anything really about “Ohio”. I think there’s indeed something happening, and Justin is a part of it. I’m a big fan of him, so I can’t wait to hear more about it. About “Footlose”, I can’t give you any news, but it’s still in the works…

AlloCiné: Do you google yourself sometimes, just to see what’s up with Zac Efron ?
Zac Efron: Yeah, it happens, especially when there are weird rumours about me. It depends on who writes those rumours, but it can be a huge deal sometimes, then people start calling me to know whether it’s true or not.. We’re really living a crazy time, and honestly, sometimes I’d be just fine without all the craziness…

There seems to be some confusion about this segment of the interview on Ohio.

Que se passe-t-il avec les films "Ohio", Justin Timberlake est de la partie ? Et le remake de "Footloose" ?
Je ne sais pas vraiment ce qu'il se passe avec Ohio. Je crois qu'en effet que les choses progressent et que Justin fera partie du film. Je suis totalement fan de lui et donc j'ai hâte que le tournage commence. Quant à Footloose pas de nouvelles à vous donner. Cela avance lentement pour l'instant...

Peryne did her best, but it is unclear if Zac says something about shooting Ohio or not. So we still don't know if he is involved or not. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know.

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