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Thank you New Line/WB...

We've been lucky to have a lot of news the past week but it seems to be winding down a little bit for the moment. It is probably a good thing cause my poor little pinky finger gets tired from reaching for the z and shift key all the time whilst blogging and picspamming.

That said, because I can:

Two other things.

1) Thank you to New Line/WB for finally correcting the synopsis on the 17 Again website. Who knows if they read it here, ontd, in my polite yet firm email or just figured it out themselves but it is fixed. Now we just need more HQs and some behind-the-scene videos.

2) Now that promo is picking up for 17 Again, the haters are finding their way out of the woodwork. People can have their opinions but, gaaaah, I just cannot stand illogical and unsupported arguments. And while I know how much we like our safe havens here on lj and on ff, maybe we should venture out to imdb and back our boy up. IDK, obviously we all love Zac and we don't want to come off as crazy as the twihards, but I worry the imdb boards will reflect so much hate that people who are casually interested will get turned off. If only we could pic/gif-spam imdb, lol. Ultimately all Zac can do is do his best and we can turn out in support. Other than that what happens, happens. But if you feel inclined, check imdb out. /soapbox

Oh and random thought. You know what I really wish the Oscar's Musical Medley had featured... upcoming musicals, and by that, I mean Footloose. Obviously the timing didn't work out for it at all, but oh that would have been something. :) He could have just done Scream shirtless too, but w/e.

p.s. i'm not really drunk lol.
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