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i love you zac, bb, but your hair is out of control

The Zefron and Danielle Panabaker eat at Hugo's in Hollywood.

And OMG his Oscar night hair gel was hiding a hairtastrophe.

LOL that they are the same age yet when they were both on Summerland he looked about five years younger than her. And please tell me them having lunch together is not a sign that she is cast in Footloose. I don't think it can be cause she's got a few other projects going. IDK who I would want but she would be weird.

OMG, his hair is reaching like Australia KCAs 2007 levels of craziness here. Actually, it is worse than that.

What is he waiting for? He's making me cry.

If you are subjecting me to this torture for a reason (like a new movie role) zefron, please at least have the decency to tell me why.

ETA: I don't actually feel so bad about it now. For various reasons. The lead pic is particularly bad because I feel like Danielle gave him her comb and was like go to the bathroom and make it look at least presentable. So it looks really weird. The other pics where it is mussed up are better.

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