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Post Oscars and Vanity Fair Party and a few others pics

Ugh, one more red carpet? OK two...:

Eyes, zomg:

^the look is growing on me. (eta: it's the eyes, every fucking time, jesus)

OMG glamour_addict, your otp, lol:

^needs more hugging :)

Zac and Harvey Weinstein:

^ugh, Zac eye contact. Suck him in. LOL.

Some presenting for good measure:

Vanity Fair After-Party (yeah baby!):


With his copresenter:

With Anne Hathaway, who seems excited to meet/say hi to them:


Leaving I presume:

Best pic of the party:

^zefron and rpattzy discuss exit strategies for massive tween franchises?

The rest of these I'll update with HQs when I can.

Yeah if anyone cares, sorry there is no cut.

Cute Extra interview:

Moviefone put him on the worst dressed list, omg how brain dead are they? Did their mom's smoke crack while they were in utero or something?

People however loved him:

Whether in his Wildcats uniform or in a sleek black peak-lapel Dolce & Gabbana tuxedo, the High School Musical star shows his sartorial versatility.

source, wireimage and getty, gossipgirls
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