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Feb 22nd
09:37 am
Okay, so I teased yesterday...  
But this is for real:


Fuck Zac Efron looks hot in a top hat. OMG.

I'm going to descend into geeky fangirling here, but I am so excited for Zac tonight and I can just imagine what he's like today getting ready - one part giggleball and two parts serious as shit performer (I mean, seriously, the look on his face in that pic, geez). He is going to rock the fucking house and show the rest of the world what we already know... that he is immensely hot, totally capable, adorably charismatic and talented as fuck. Enough with the superlatives? Let the show begin, baby!

source, thanks to glamour_addict for the bigger pic. :)

late eta: Zac and V @ rehearsals on Saturday with Jared.

Mood: excitedexcited
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Bee: Zac – Rolling Stone Outtakejeezbee on February 22nd, 2009 08:08 pm (UTC)
I regularly read Nikki Finke's blog and she's very reliable and has the guts to post things all the studio friendly media won't. It's a great blog - Nikki is very biased on some things though and her reporting on those topics is very one-sided. Once you know what it is though, you can just put a filter on and then you're good.

The challenge for these awards ceremonies is always going to be the disagreement between what is art and what is popular.
Yeah, if nobody cares about the movies, nobody will watch. And there weren't many people watching 4 out of the 5 best picture nominees.

That and we are overwhelmed by celebrity coverage so the Oscars are really nothing special.
Totally agree on that one. I've read a post where someone hit the nail on the head imo; he said, 'a few years ago, the Oscars' where the only opportunity where you could actually see the big movie starts live' and nowadays you can basically reconstruct Tom Cruise's daily schedule with pap pics. As you said, it's nothing special at all anymore.

I also agree with what many said, there are just too many awards to give out and I doubt that many people care about a acceptance speech from a winner they've never heard about before (not only the winner itself but don't care about the category either). If they really want to make it more interesting, they need to bite the bullet and elimiate at least the acceptance speeches from those - no matter how unfair it is. Nobody is going to be happy if a change concerns her/him but going on as usual doesn't help either.

I'm also looking forward to tonight but the fact that most of the races are already "decided" and the popular movies are not nominated, I'm not very optimistic that the ratings will be better, esp since the tv ratings have gone down across the board this season. I'm keeping my fingers crossed though.