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What is going on here?

Just kidding. LOL. They are just running away from paparazzi... possibly to the car and possibly from the Hard Rock Cafe. IDK? Was there an Oscar party there or were they just down for some good times?

Not a lot of drama here, but at least we know they aren't drunk or that they can run while drunk... and I'm impressed by Vanessa's ability to run in heels on cobblestone-like ground.

Later (or before?) they were seen leaving the CAA Pre-Oscar Party:

And Hugh discloses more about a possible Hugh v. Zac dance-off:

LOL @ "I'm trying my best to never be in the same frame with Zac Efron."

But, Hugh, that is what we want! And preferably both of you shirtless.

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Tags: hair: in motion, levitation!, papz, running, shoes: ysls
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