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Feb 6th
09:28 pm
Santa Fe, my old friend...  
I just got my cd of Newsies from Amazon and it made me think how much Newsies is like HSM. Except that HSM is much, much bigger to the general populace than Newsies (I think it helps the topic is more accessible). To me and my friends growing up, Newsies was the biggest thing ever and Christian Bale was unbelievably hot. Clearly, Zac is the new Christian and that reassures me because he is such a nice kid he deserves all the best and all the success in the world.

I wondered if anyone else had noticed this parallel and I was not surprised to find this.
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Mood: bouncybouncy
Music: Newsies - Original Motion Picture Cast - Santa Fe
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kleth on October 15th, 2011 03:38 pm (UTC)
I don't suppose anyone will ever read this, but what the hell, I commented on the first post and I might as well complete the date.

I've been watching Christian Bale since I saw Empire of the Sun. He should have got an Academy Award then. A 13-year-old kid carrying a big-budget movie--I mean, he's is every scene! And he's good in every scene.

If I could get two people in Hollywood together, it would be Zac and Christian. They have a unique status, the only two guys who have starred in Disney musicals directed by Kenny Ortega. They'd have something to talk about.

The difference is that Christian has never accommodated himself to being a celebrity. He hates it, never wants to talk about himself. Happily for us, Zac takes to fame like milk and cookies.