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What do I want to see at the Oscars?

Aside from Zac in every frame. (Which is obviously unrealistic).

Hmm. Well I absolutely love glamour_addict's idea about Zac Efron opening the group part of this number with "Put on Your Sunday Clothes" from Wall-E (a borrowing originally from Hello Dolly). That would be an adorable reference to what was a very significant film musical moment from 2008. It would be fresh and creative. I really <3 this idea and I hope one of the producers/writers/anyone doing this show will be as awesome as glamour_addict and think of this too, though they might choose to have Hugh open it since he is the host.

And who wouldn't love Zac performing Scream... shirtless, preferably, lol. But I don't think that will happen.

I'm pretty sure that whatever group musical segments they do, that Zac and Vanessa will be doing "Can I Have This Dance?" This is fine. But what I really think would be awesome is if they pull off the inside rainstorm like Tokio Hotel did at the MTV Europe Awards a couple years ago. I don't know why this is important to me, because really I didn't care about them getting rained on in the movie, but inside rain is always just fun and amazing. I sort of wish they could get the whole cast and do "A Night to Remember" cause I love the dancing in it. But I'm pretty sure that isn't happening.

A big question I have is, if Dominic Cooper can't work his schedule out to participate in the Mamma Mia! segment will they have Amanda sing essentially a solo song like "Honey Honey" or "Thank you for the Music"? Or will they have Hugh or Zac stand in for Dom in "Lay All Your Love on Me" which is presumably the song they were trying to get Dom for. And if the latter is their choice, should it be Hugh or Zac stepping in for Dom? Zac makes more sense given the song and the demographic they are trying to pull in. But Hugh is the host. Of course, I'm all for more Zac at any possible time so, my vote would be for Zac. In fact, if Zac had been in Mamma Mia! I would have liked that movie a lot more. LOL.

Anyway. Those are my preliminary thoughts and if I think of other hopes I have I'll add them. But I cannot wait for Sunday now. Ugh!
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