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idc about rob, but can zac be shirtless please?

Zac and Rob are apparently presenting at the Oscars, together... hearts everywhere are exploding.

The original article was from E!Online, but that seems to have been pulled (maybe they weren't supposed to say???) but here's the gist of it from celebuzz:

Move over, Robert Pattinson.

No, really. You're going to have to make room on the stage for your newly announced Oscars co-presenter, Zac Efron.

E! Online reports that High School Musical Star Efron will be presenting at the Academy Awards on Sunday.

This morning it was confirmed that Twilight star Robert Pattinson will also be presenting at the 81st annual installment of Hollywood's most self-congratulatory evening. Efron will reportedly be presenting the Best Original Song award.

ETA: I should mention, I don't think they are presenting together (despite the way the celebuzz blurb is worded) and the E! article works, just not for me in Firefox ???

source, original but broken source
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