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Feb 14th
09:37 pm
Okay... photo essay (sort of) on 17 Again.  
Since there are no new Zac candids today... not even stupid evil ones from helicopters, I decided to address a more academic/boring topic - movie promotion.

Pretty much everyone I know knows how excited I am for 17 Again. However, every time new promo comes out, I find myself questioning if WB is excited for this at all, cause they keep sort of fucking it up, at least in the details. Maybe I'm over-reacting, in fact, it is pretty likely but I can't be the only one to see the problems.

For instance, the trailer.

Admittedly the trailer is entertaining and, so far (at least on ONTD and IMDB) seems to be stirring up interest for the movie. So that part is okay.

But, the devil being in the details here, to whoever created this: seriously you guys used three different fonts? I mean, I know I am a design geek, but really, three different fonts? No one caught on to that serious typographic error?

The first two I can play off as related... perhaps even give it the subtext that the Times Standard font used for '37 years old' is archaic as it is now typically reserved for print material and the Arial/Helvitca family of the 17 in '17 again' is supposed to be young since it is typically reserved for screen print.

However the third cap, the part where the number cycles from 37 down to 17 in the trailer, is where it all falls apart. It is just totally fucking heinous. It doesn't match anything (it is font Trajan Pro) and it ends up making the trailer look so low-rent. Ughghghgh, it burns my eyes almost as much as pictures of rpattzy.

I should mention too, continuing this theme of typographic inconsistency, the font from the poster. It maintains a Arial/Helvitica style '17' but applies it now to the all caps 'AGAIN' as well as adopting a disturbingly HSM3 color palette:

It is too late now, but I really liked the original color palette better. It was fresh and fun and now it is a little too hard and it looks like they are ripping off Zefron's last movie. And did they change the 'again' to all caps Arial to avoid comparison to the 13 Going on 30 poster?

Next topic: the website.

I know the movie is still two months out, but it is seriously lacking in content for us zefronites. There is one trailer. There isn't even the cool BTS thing from like a year ago. Nor do they have the other BTS that has been playing before movie previews. And three not-even-HQ stills?

Not only is the site as thin as Lindsay Lohan on crack, the synopsis apparently missed that last proofreading:

Do you see it? "And in trying to recapture..." happens twice. Yes, I do it too. I go through, editing things, changing tenses, phrase and sentence ordering and things get missed. But I also don't get paid to do this.

I guess I shouldn't be that surprised by this. I've never been that impressed with WB's marketing for Harry Potter movies... but that could be attributed to laziness (or to be generous, frugality), since those movies basically promote themselves.

I have to say, I was similarly surprised by what I thought was pitiful promotion for HSM3. I mean, yes they went all over the world, but why didn't Disney air HSM1 on ABC the week before HSM3 opened, that would have been excellent cross-marketing.

Oh well, I guess that is what I get for not going into marketing.

To make up for this (probably) boring topic that I am undoubtedly taking way too seriously, I give you this:

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jessie is the girl.letsdieromantic on February 15th, 2009 02:32 pm (UTC)
"... not even stupid evil ones from helicopters".

i agree with the bad promotion, i only knew about this movie from ONTD, and the HSM3 opening previews. HSM3 came out in august.. it's now february and they only have one preview for this movie?

i think they believe the only people who will actually see this movie are zac fans, so possibly they think if you are a fan, you would know about it already from all of the buzz.

to be honest, matthew perry annoys the hell out of me. but i will still go to this movie, of course. i find him so depressing and only has one sort of emotional/whiney chandler vibe that he plays in EVERY movie / show. i cannot see past that.

agree with you fully with the HSM3 logo and text. i feel like they're trying to fool you into thinking its some HSM3 adaptation part 4 for troy bolton lol.

unfortunately i can see this movie just doing okay. the market for it is really mixed. younger fans of zac probably won't understand it. younger adults may go for matthew perry if he even has a fanbase. and teens who think ZaC is SooOo HaWt will go for that shirtless scene.
hunny miss (aka lets fead him to the gators)ehs_wildcats on February 15th, 2009 04:17 pm (UTC)
there is definitely a need to not over-promote it too early. and they do have to be fiscally responsible about advertising in this economy, especially since the box office for this movie is so hard to predict (see my previous post for more on this topic).

but i think they may be missing the boat a little bit on feeding the zac fangirls frenzy. it doesn't have to be a lot, but for instance releasing some short BTS featurettes or bloopers like once a week just for the website would help. and more stills, for the love of god. periodic releases like that build up almost an addiction for the information and i think it is very effective.

plus, even though you don't like matthew perry, they need to get some promo material out there featuring him because there is a demo just for him and right now they aren't getting anything.

i don't think their lack of promotion will torpedo the project. or at least i don't think that yet since we haven't seen what they have in store in terms of magazine covers/articles, tv interviews, etc. and i do think they will make zef travel the world twice over promoting this thing.

but i keep seeing things that sort of shock me... like there wasn't a trailer for this in front of 'he's just not that into you'. maybe that was just at my theater, but really your own studio doesn't put your trailer behind a similarly-demo'd feature they also made?

jessie is the girl.letsdieromantic on February 15th, 2009 09:27 pm (UTC)
the HJNTIY movie would be a perfect demographic!

i did check out the 17 again website today, and it was still the same since the last time a checked which was a while ago. three stills?! haha they are doing this so frugally (but at the same time i can understand that).

matthew perry i predict will probably go on letterman, conan, leno to pull the older audiences in. leno will definetly have zac on, for when they were promoting HSM3.

pineapple express for example did an awesome job for promotion, especially for when the DVD came out, featuring bloopers on access hollywood which eventually got onto ONTD.

PS: your first post (which you linked) about the movie was very in-depth and well written :)
ohinternets on February 15th, 2009 08:03 pm (UTC)
I must be a design geek too because I totally agree with all your observations.