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More re: Kent State project and a Call to Arms

Okay still nothing concrete on Zac Efron's involvement but more details have come out about this project. Someone posted some info on fanforum about it which led me to find out the proposed director has made some excellent documentaries, in fact, two have won Oscar for Best Documentary. I also saw that the NY Times website put up this:

Other details from FF: production is to begin in March (which seems like a conflict with Twatlight for Rob, no?) and the budget estimate, as of now, is $10mil, so basically an indie. Strange coincidence (or not?) the director did a documentary, High School Musical: The Music in You. I have no idea what that is about but I'm guessing HSM?

(ETA: I'm guessing the cast list is where Star got its 'source' and then conflated other details to make a story...)

Oh god, it is ridiculous how nervous I am for Zac to get a good project.

All these idiotic twatlighters are making me get an ulcer I fear. No, not really. I get that they like Rob but they keep driving me nuts by saying Zac can't act. WTF? ARE THEY TAKING CRAZY PILLS?

I mean, I've said it before, he may not be Paul Newman or Gary Oldman (yet), but the boy can act.

And to explain myself, I am not a wee or twee tweener. I am a young adult female who does actually have standards further than how hot someone is (although hotness doesn't hurt... see accompanying picture). I've seen and enjoyed movies from French New Wave to anime, from High School Musical to Metropolis. So I get what entertainment is, but I also get what acting is and I get what film making is. And Zac deserves a chance.

Seriously, we need like a call to arms. Zefronites everywhere please attack these blogs with positive Zac comments:

LA Times Blog


Let's remind the world that even if we've settled into our respective communities, like zefron and ff and ontd, that we <3 Zac Efron. Spread the word.

ff source, nytimes source
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