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That sneaky boy...

So he did buy a house. We were hypothesizing about this earlier because when he took out the trash it did not look like either his condo or V's house but then this just came out:

Life is good for designer/TV design show host Kenneth Brown. New baby. New bedding line for QVC. New baby line of crib bedding and decorative accessories that just made its debut in Babies "R" Us stores last week. And, oh, did we mention he's designing Zac Efron's house? Vanessa Anne Hudgens' too.

That's separate houses, the L.A.-based designer notes, for the romantically linked "High School Musical" stars.

And when it comes to their design styles, "they're complete opposites," he shares with us in a recent telephone interview.

"If they ever get married, they'll have to have separate houses. He's very modern and she's very traditional."

And Brown? "I'm smack dab in the middle of them," says the host of HGTV's "reDesign" and TLC's "Over Designed."

Good job Zac on keeping some of your private life private... even if the papz are all over you all the same.

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