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zef attends dear evan hansen

Bravo to the cast of #DearEvanHansen incredibly powerful, pertinent, honest, fun. And the 🎶 is UNREAL 🙌🏼🙂- this is a show you HAVE to see

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via Zac's IG story

Troy Bolton came to see @DearEvanHansen and middle school Ben had a freak out (so did 23 year old Ben). And did he wear a @DearEvanHansen scarf? Bet on it. Bet on it.

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ETA: a few more



“When you’re out on beach and open water, there’s nothing you can do to get out of the line of sight [of paparazzi], so we just kind of embraced it,” says director Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses), who made doubly sure the flick included lots of winks to the series’ signature cheesecake moments.

“The history of the show is to showcase beauty,” Gordon says. “There’s a beat where one of the characters sees someone running and asks, ‘Is she running in slo-mo? And why is she wet but not that wet?’ Stuff like that shows that we are in on the joke.”

[Priyanka] is now a part of the Baywatch fam (alongside Zac Efron, whom Priyanka said was really funny in person and very easy to be around)
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