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At long last... the Hugo Boss announcement

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There were a couple of quotes in the various articles from a Hugo Boss press release about the announcement and while I can't find it on their website, this feels like the full text (via Aviamost):
HUGO introduces its newest ambassador: Zac Efron. The ultimate embodiment of millennial masculinity, the multi-talented actor and producer will inspire the next generation of trailblazers as part of an innovative new campaign launching early next year for the brand’s iconic male fragrance, HUGO Man.

Bringing to life the authenticity and passion that lies at the heart of the HUGO brand in line with the powerful boost of daring freshness that HUGO Man delivers, Zac will kick-start a digitally-focused and multi-faceted campaign set to encourage younger generations to act on their passions to achieve their goals. An intriguing mix of classic movie star with an irreverent, urban edge, Zac’s unique style, confidence, charisma and wit makes him the perfect advocate for HUGO Man’s biggest venture yet.

A movement for all those who aspire to live their dreams, HUGO Man will empower millennials the world over to explore and embrace every opportunity for the ultimate prize – a life defined by their hopes and dreams, and no-one else’s. Further details about the campaign will be revealed over the coming months on official HUGO BOSS channels.
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