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Dec 8th
02:55 pm
Baywatch teaser trailer  
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kleth on December 14th, 2016 08:13 pm (UTC)
Yes more Random Efron
" Plus,Zac has never looked better (untouchable due to perfection)."

That's what Ellen thinks. Yesterday, she announced that the first Baywatch trailer was out but she didn't have time to show the whole thing. So she edited it down to the bits she thought would most interest the audience. The five bits were the brief segments from the trailer that showed Zac stripped down to the waist, burgeoning with rippling muscles. The audience roared with approval.

Then, last night, for the second time in all of human history, Zac appeared in one of my dreams. For some reason he was making news for losing weight. He was down to 165, but some kind of form had a typo and said that he was tipping the scales at 865. He doesn't look good at that weight.

I don't understand why Zac doesn't appear in my dreams more often. I also don't understand why he doesn't attack me with his lewd advances. Dreams are, after all, surreal fantasies and anything can happen. I have the imagination but that seems to come from a different part of the brain from dreams, because the Zacster never does the things I can imagine him doing. *sigh*

Edited at 2016-12-14 08:15 pm (UTC)