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Zac reteams with Dirty Grandpa writer

From the Hollywood Reporter

Zac Efron Tackling True-Life Wall Street Story 'Straight to Hell' (Exclusive)

'Dirty Grandpa' writer John M. Phillips will pen the script about the world of investment bankers based on John LeFevre's book.

Zac Efron is diving into the wild world of Wall Street. He's producing with Paramount a film loosely based on John LeFevre's Straight to Hell.

LeFevre's now-infamous @GSElevator Twitter feed provided an inside look at the real world of international finance, based on conversations in the Goldman Sachs' elevator. After hundreds of thousands followed the account, Goldman Sachs launched an investigation to identify the person behind it all. LeFevre's book, which was published in July 2015 via Atlantic Monthly Press, gives readers an unapologetic and darkly funny account of his life as a globe-conquering, win-at- all-costs investment banker.

The deal is in early development, but Efron also is eyeing the project as a possible starring vehicle for himself.

John M. Phillips, who penned the Efron-starrer Dirty Grandpa, will write the script. Efron will produce via his Ninjas Runnin Wild banner along with Doug Banker at Paramount
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