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Mike and Dave: MTV, Buzzfeed, and more press


Most likely to be found at craft services all day?

Adam: Yeahhhh, the fatso of the crew.

Anna: It’s me.

Zac: Adam’s on a super strict diet, so you don’t really go to craft that much.

Anna: He just goes to craft service to smell it, and like, longs to eat.

Adam: I usually just take a few bites and then just vomit it all up.

Anna: Too far.

Zac: By the awesomeness of this photo, I’m gonna say me, because of my fat face.

Most likely to be found napping between scenes? - Zac

Adam: Yeah, this boy be sleepy.

Aubrey: This boy be sleepy! That’s what’s up.

Zac: I just woke up from a nap.

Best person to get relationship advice from?

Zac: Shit. [Changes answer]

Anna: I don’t know why you had to change your vote, Zac! I think I would give, like, okay relationship advice.

Zac: I just wanted everyone to match! You’re right, you’re right.

Aubrey: Because I’ve had the most relationship experience. And, um, I’m a witch.

Adam: And she’s a witch, yes. She will cast a spell on you.

Best person to put your grandma or grandpa on the phone with?

Anna: Aw.

Adam: Freakin’ Z-bomb right here. So good at talking to g-parents.

Anna: Aw. Zac-y boy.

Aubrey: Z-town.

Zac: I don’t know, I think my grandparents would probably love you [Anna].

Adam: Oooooh.

Most likely to take a total stranger as a plus one to a wedding?

Anna: Ya’ll are crazy.

Adam: Yeah, we be wild.

Aubrey: We crazy.

Adam: I would probably take a Marine.

Zac: Maybe on Craigslist.

Most likely to be watching The Real Housewives in their trailer?

Adam: I don’t know, any of you guys like that show?

Anna: Do any of you have a TV in your trailer? Cause’…

Zac: I watch The Walking Dead in my trailer.

Adam: That counts. That counts as watching something.

Anna: That counts, yeah. Real Housewives. That’s the same. It’s the same.

Most likely to be found singing?

Anna: No, don’t, that’s so mean!

Adam: Uh huh, I think it’s youuu!

Zac: I don’t know, it’s a tie. I’m gonna go tie between you and me.

Anna: Yeah, okay.

What’s everyone singing?

Aubrey: Ooh, I think that I found myself a cheerleader

Zac, Adam, Aubrey: Found myself a cheerleader, she was always right there when I need her.

Adam: That’s a classic.

Anna: They love that song, it’s crazy.

Most likely to be using a selfie stick?

Anna: Zachary.

Adam: Z-bomb.

Anna: Zac’s really obsessed with talking about selfie sticks. Do you like actually use one, or is it one of those things…

Zac: Yeah.

Adam: He has one.

Zac: I got one as a gift from my girlfriend.

Adam: You gotta use it, it’s a gift!

Anna: Aw, yeah, yeah. She’s like making you…twisting your arm.

Most likely to initiate a post-work hangout?

Anna: Pfft, always me.

Adam: Uh, I don’t know. Yeah, it might be a tie.

Zac: To initiate? Then I guess I’ll go these two.

Most likely to cause everyone else to break character?

Zac: [Adam], just ‘cause it happens every single take.

Adam: Awww.

Zac: I can’t believe you didn’t say yourself!

MTV: Never Have I Ever

Bustle (also Never Have I Ever)

USA Today: Wedding dos, don'ts from Zac Efron, Adam Devine, Aubrey Plaza (video of some answers at link)

What's the most awkward thing you’ve seen at a wedding?

Plaza: "I heard a wedding toast where someone was actually making 9/11 jokes and I thought that was not appropriate."

Efron: "I saw one of my good friends — this was very late in the night — strip down in his underwear and do a flex-off with another dude who was a bodybuilder in front of everyone."

What's the worst wedding gift you’ve ever gotten someone?

Efron: "Crystal stemware?"

Plaza: "I feel like I gave someone a breast pump once."

Devine: "I gave a pretty (crappy) gift. I gave this girl, she was a friend of mine, a leash — like the ball and chain sort of (joke). And then she opened it up in front of everyone and they all took it like a sexual dominatrix gift. So everyone thought I was a super perv."

Is 'Mike and Dave' our new 'Wedding Crashers'?

The characters are “all like my friends, who kind of don’t want to grow up and are still trying to party every day and have the most fun they can before they have to get real adult jobs,” Devine says.

In the movie, “they make us look a little bit better than we were,” says Mike Stangle, a bartender in New York. “Dave and I were really just getting fall-down drunk with each other and making jokes and the women who’d go on these (introductory) dates with us would just be horrified.”

Mike and Dave, a heightened version of events, is “incredibly accurate right up until Zac takes his shirt off,” jokes Dave Stangle. (In real life, the brothers ended up taking friends to the wedding — which was in Saratoga, N.Y., not Hawaii.)

At the end of the day, this cast is pro-nuptials. “I actually really like being in weddings,” Devine says. Plaza nods: “As long as you don’t have any real responsibilities," she deadpans.

Efron grins at a memory from his best friend’s Jewish wedding, where he helped out with the hora. Bending down to grasp the legs of a chair, Efron looked up "and I was like, we’ve got Grandma?!" Efron shakes his head, remembering two guys "smaller than me” helping carry her.

“I’m like, you should hold on! I was so afraid I was going to drop Grandma. But we didn’t.”

The Insider

Yahoo, 7 Tips for Planning a Successful Wedding

MoviePilot Celeb: Newlywed Game with Adam, Matt Prigge - Zac excerpts:
I should ask about Zac Efron. It’s weird that people are still surprised when he’s funny.
I’m like, ‘How many comedies does this guy have to do before someone gives him credit?’ I honestly think of all the comedies he’s done, he’s the funniest as Dave. Dave is a lot like Zac in real life: He’s a sweet, sincere, nice guy — just a f—ing sweetheart. He’ll say these dumb and insane things but so earnestly.

And he has the most annoyingly perfect abs.
I think he cut me some slack on “Mike and Dave.” I was working so hard to get into great shape, because I was going to have to stand next to him. So I was working out the most I ever have in my life. When I’d work out with him he’d stop hallway through and say, “I’m good!” Then he stopped working out at all halfway through the production. I’m like, ‘I see what you’re doing: You’re so nice you’re going to put on a few pounds to meet me in the middle.’ [Laughs] He got nowhere close, but I appreciated the offer.

Hollywood Chicago with Adam and Jake Jake, this film feels like a step by step formulation. How did Andrew Jay Cohen, Brendan O’Brien and yourself take a simple idea like this and expand it to comedy glory?

Jake Szymanski: The guys did a great job with the script – when I read it, I felt like it would be one big party. That was my goal, to keep heightening the craziness to ratchet up the tension of a wedding. That was the plan, so if it came off that way, then great.

Devine: My agent pitched me the film before I read it, and I was like, ‘what?’ [laughs] Then I read it, and it was so funny.

Szymanski: When I went in for my first meeting, after reading the script, my first note was ‘they do a Craigslist ad, they end up on TV, maybe that’s a bit too much.’ And the writers told me that really happened – I didn’t know it was based on a true story. I said, ‘What? This is bananas!’ The stuff that worked was the stuff that seemed true, like the hilarious montage of family events that Mike and Dave ruined, and especially the exploding RV scene…

Szymanski: Our explosions guy was the same guy on the ‘Transformers’ movies, and we literally didn’t know how big that explosion was going to be. All he said to me was, ‘hey I have fireworks shooting out of it, but I’m adding a flame ball, too. Is that all right?’ I just said, ‘yeah, sure.’ When that thing went off, the actors thought the stunt had gone wrong. [laughs]

Devine: I seriously hit the deck. I went down hard and really felt the heat. That reaction is real. [laughs] Jake, what does the great comic actor Stephen Root bring to the table in the role of Burt [the father of Mike and Dave] that you think other actors couldn’t do? For example, his slamming of a door was a perfect ‘Dad’ thing to do…

Szymanski: He broke that door, and it was at a fancy hotel.

Devine: The production had to buy a new door.

Szymanski: I said, ‘go nuts, go at it.’ I was encouraging him to really mangle the door in his anger. They were unusual doors anyway, so it was even funnier. Adam, you’re opposite Zac Efron, one of the more beautiful men in moviedom. What do you admire about Zac that has taken him beyond his looks, especially as a comedy partner?

Devine: It’s about what I was saying earlier, Zac fully commits to delivering the character. That’s why he comes off as so funny, even though he’s not necessarily a comic actor. But that is why when someone like Jake is directing him, and giving him funny stuff to do, he’s able to commit to that, and you believe him in that situation. Jake, one of the huge strengths of the film was how the team characterized Tatiana [Plaza] and Alice [Kendrick] as more badass and adventurous than their equally strange wedding dates. How do you think you’ve nailed this generation of women better than other films?

Szymanski: Yes, this is a generational statement film about women today. [laughs] I don’t know about that, but it was really important to me to balance out the script, because initially it was all the guy’s film. I wanted to make it a true four-hand ensemble. The women are the driving force of the film, and they have just as much fun – if not more fun – than the guys.

There aren’t many roles out there like that for women, and I also think it will be fun for the women in the audience, to see Aubrey and Anna play real characters who do have fun, even if they are a bit crazy. There are no stereotypes in the film.

Devine: They are more integral to this story than just being our ‘dates,’ they are true characters rather than just love interests.

THR with Adam, Rebecca Ford
Did you know Zac Efron before the film, and how much bonding time did you get?

We didn't really know each other before. I just knew him through friends a little bit. We both have a mutual friend in Brittany Snow. We went out to Hawaii a week earlier for rehearsal-slash-brother-bonding time, and we just really clicked. It sort of pisses me off how great of a guy he is on top of being America's handsome prince. I got food poisoning when we were shooting, and he was like, "Bro, I'm bringing you Saltines. I'm gonna get you some electrolytes." I'm like the type of person that likes to be left alone when they're sick. But he said, "I'll sleep on your couch. Want me to sleep on your couch?" And I'm like, "No. Get out of here." He's truly just a good guy.

Describe Zac Efron in three words.

Bad boy beefcake.

Now describe yourself in three words.

Mad dog deviant. Ooh, that's a good one.

Your characters are based on real guys.

Yes! They're really handsome dudes, more handsome than the star versions — just speaking of myself. I bet Mike is bummed that he has me and his brother, Dave, gets to say "Zac Efron plays me in the movie."

There's a musical number, which includes you and your Pitch Perfect co-star Anna Kendrick, along with Zac Efron, who also has a strong background in musical comedy. How did that come about?

We kind of added it last-minute. We wanted a big fun ending, and then Jake and our producer David Ready devised this plan. I remember Anna and I looked sideways at each other when he told us they were going to do a musical number. Pitch Perfect 2 had just come out, and we were, like, "OK, we see what's happening here. They're trying to get a jump on Pitch Perfect 3." But I don't think it feels that way.

NY Times with Aubrey, Kathryn Shattuck
You have a history of pursuing roles that you weren’t originally considered for. In “Grandpa,” they wanted you to audition for Zac Efron’s love interest.

I read that script and was like, “Oh, there’s an opportunity for me to play Robert De Niro’s love interest? I want that part.” She was written as a blond, big-breasted cheerleader or something. And I thought, if they would allow me to give them my version of that, wouldn’t that be so fun? And so different from April Ludgate?

April would never wear the bikini you rock in “Mike and Dave.”

I credit the Zac Efron training program in Hawaii. He would force me to work out with him on the beach, run around the jungle or go on hikes. He was like my camp counselor.

The Advocate with Aubrey, Brandon Voss
The Advocate: Mike and Dave is your second movie with Zac Efron, after Dirty Grandpa. Is my infatuation reasonable or basic?
Aubrey Plaza: I totally get it, and I’m definitely into it. He’s superhuman and such a sweetheart. I love him. One of my gay friends really appreciates when I send him casual shirtless pics of Zac from set. I try not to objectify him, but it’s hard.

The Wrap with Aubrey

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