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Oh yes. I love it when people get pissy about intellect.

I wonder what she'll say to this new response. But to tell you the truth, saying someone looks gay is one of my biggest pet peeves.

You cannot look gay unless you are having sex with someone of the same gender.

Any other use of that phrase, to me, seems hateful.

And the thing that is obnoxious about it is that so many people on ONTD who were all "OMG I can't believe Prop 8 passed" have also said "He looks so gay" as some sort of clever thing (and not just about Zac). Do they not get the hypocrisy?

I'm willing to admit, maybe I'm overly sensitive about it. I'm not gay but I have several close friends and family members who are gay and it pisses me off knowing what shit they've had to go through, like losing jobs, and how many rights they are denied.

Anyhow, high horse... I'll get off now. Thanks.

We need a pic of Zaccy to bring things back to happiness:

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