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Jun 25th
08:11 pm
Mike and Dave Megapost!  

HBO Exclusive Access

Clip: Massage Scene

The Knot Cross Promos

Early Dancer

Hook Up Horn Blower

Top Shelf Sharer

Travel Troublemaker

Whiteout Wipeout

Social Media

Tinder Profiles lol

Other Zac images:

Adam, Anna & Aubrey profiles:

Anna and Aubrey Stuff


Anna on Zac with news.com.au:
As any of Zac Efron’s cast members will attest, working with him sounds like fun. “He’s a good guy but for me, he was a little bit of a bad influence,” she admits.

“I am usually not the person to jump off a cliff into a waterfall, but when he is doing it you feel like, ‘Well I would be an idiot not to do it, right? I felt like I had to participate, even though he behaves as though he’s never going to die. So on that set in Hawaii, I did some stuff that I wouldn’t normally do.” She pauses. “I’m pretty stubborn and can’t believe he got me to do that.”

Anna on Zac with Refinery29, see site for video:
"He's very pretty," Kendrick says of co-star Efron. "We would be doing scenes and I would be like, But your eyes, though...Not in a, 'I'm being so seduced by it,' but just, like, 'How?' I just wanted to touch his face and be like, Is it real? Or is this just a hologram? How is this happening?"

Anna on "Teddy Bear" Zac with SiriusXM's Dirty, Sexy, Funny with Jenny McCarthy:

Anna on Apple's Meet the Actor

Aubrey on AOL Build
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cindiest on June 27th, 2016 04:36 am (UTC)
Thank you. It's so perfect having everything here in one place. You're are THE best.