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Round up: Mike & Dave and other misc tidbits

TV Spots


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Can't embed: PopSugar & E! Online




Guys Choice Awards

Watching De Niro and Pesci in Casino right now- and realizing the honor of this moment more than ever. #heroes #icons #GuysChoice

Acceptance speech from Robert De Niro & Joe Pesci with intro by Zac: watch here.

Anna just took home the Hot and Funny award at the #GuysChoice. They forgot Sweet, Smart, and Cool in the award description, but it was still an honor to watch her win :) #mikeanddaveneedweddingdates

Intro for Anna's win by Zac & Adam: watch here. Acceptance speech:

Other Stuff

#FBF Teaching the Efron bros some swag Circa 2006 😎 #Hairspray cast field trip to see #BlackEyedPeas in TDOT 🇨🇦

I dedicate national #BestFriendsDay to my imaginary BF, @champagnepapi. Always there on my shoulder when things get tough. Who's the mini Drake in your life?

Kelly talked a bit about Baywatch and Zac at the Maui Film Festival. You can see her interview with E! here or with Maui Now starting at 4:36 below:

Also, Dwayne talked about the tone of the movie with Collider (starting at 3:05).

Diane Keaton was on Ellen playing "Who Would You Rather?" Watch it here. Talk of Zac starts at around 3:45 but for context you should probably start earlier.
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