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Mike and Dave: promo is picking up speed

Featurette "Inspired by a true story"

TV Spot




Doing international press

Adam talking about Zac

Yellow Scene:
BW: Did you and Zac (Efron) spend any time together ahead of shooting to get your brotherly bond going on?

AD: We knew each other a little bit … But, no. We got two weeks prior to the start of the movie where it was rehearsals and we just hung out every day. We clicked right away. He’s the nicest, coolest guy; he’s so sweet. He’s also very smart, and you’re like, “Jesus! Leave something for me, man! Like, come on! I can’t have anything? You can’t have abs like that and be like the nicest guy ever!”

BW: You shot on-location in Hawaii, did you get much time to enjoy the locale?

AD: Everyone was so cool with us. … We went cliff jumping, and I almost murdered myself. There were all these … 13-year-old Hawaiian kids doing flips off the rocks, falling 30 feet, and landing perfectly. Then Zac’s like, “I’m going to do it!” He jumps off the rock and lands; and I’m like, “Hey, I’m next; I’m cool, too!” And I slip on the rock and I fall face first. There’s a rock that you have to clear in order to not smash your skull, and I cleared it by literally four inches. Anna (Kendrick) screamed and started shaking; she thought I died! (laughing) I was underneath the water, because I dove head-first so I went down deep, and it took a second for me to get back up. I got back up and I’m like, “I’m alive!” … [Everyone] was just celebrating me not dying before we actually started shooting the movie.
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