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Neighbors 2: it's all the zombies fault

So bummed to miss the #Neighbors2 premiere with you guys- so proud of this one- believe me I tried- so badly they had to put me in a cage- but love and miss you all- break a leg and have fun.

Fear The Walking Dead

Long version (1 min 30 secs):

Short version (30 secs):

Mr. Rogen's Neighbors

TV Spot




Rose on the Tonight Show

Chicago Sun-Times
Also returning for the “Neighbors” sequel (opening Friday) is Zac Efron, who laughed when asked if he ever had danced as much as he does in the second film. “Not since I did the ‘High School Musical’ films — but in this case it was wearing a lot less clothes,” noted the hunky actor, who is seen throughout “Neighbors 2” showcasing his ripped physique, wearing short shorts (or even less).

That said, Efron loved the dancing scenes — with one exception. “There’s a scene in the film where Seth squeezes a ham — right off the grill — and squeezes the grease from the ham all over me to lube me up.”

Rogen couldn’t resist interrupting his co-star at that point. “It was the grossest thing. They had injected that ham with like silicone to make it look better on camera.”

Efron agreed, adding, “It was impossible to get off. In the shower, I still couldn’t get it off. Water kept beading up. … It took a lot of scrubbing!”

Hannibal Buress talks to All HipHop
I noticed that you’ve done a lot of work with Zac Efron. Are you guys low-key trying to do a Pryor-Wilder situation? What’s going on with that?

[laughs] Yeah, the two Neighbors movies and Baywatch. I guess three movies with Zac Efron. It just happened like that. I actually didn’t expect to get Baywatch at all. I went in for one role, and they ended up offering me something else. He’s a hardworking dude. I need to get on his fitness regimen. I want to get ripped like that and see how it changes my life. I’m gonna ask him when I go back to set, “What’s it like being ripped all the time? Tell me about that.” [laughs]

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