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Neighbors 2: new stills

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Source: Universal

From the production notes:
For the Radners’ former neighbor, Teddy Sanders, time has proven to be somewhat unforgiving. After taking the fall for Delta Psi and his resulting expulsion, Teddy is stuck in a meaningless retail job without any sense of purpose or direction.

With his frat buddies settling into their adult lives and establishing themselves both professionally and personally, Teddy is becoming increasingly aware that he might be left behind. “Teddy is in somewhat of a fragile state,” explains Efron. “He is on the brink of a new phase of life and is having a quarterlife crisis. All his old Delta Psi brothers have gone on and accomplished things, and he is stagnant and not progressing in the world.”
With Stoller, Rogen and the majority of the cast back, the atmosphere on set felt less like work and more like a family reunion. “Coming back and having the whole team together was one of the greatest experiences ever,” states Efron. “Seeing the first movie do as well as it did made us so much more excited to return and hit it even harder. We have all been that much more energized to make a great movie.”
Considered scene stealers by other cast members, the duo of Barinholtz and Gallo always provided the most laughs on set. “You have to tune them out because the craziest stuff comes out of either of their mouths. I broke constantly, more than I have on any other movie,” agrees Efron.
Rogen and Byrne had a fan in their characters’ former biggest nuisance. “Watching Seth and Rose banter back and forth, their chemistry was insane,” commends Efron. “They are the funniest couple I’ve seen in a long time, and they make me want to be a parent. Being in a scene with them was so fun that I was constantly breaking and laughing.”
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