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Apr 12th
03:21 pm
More MTV Movie Awards, Baywatch & Neighbors 2  

The presentation with Anna & Adam is here.



First BTS look at Baywatch

Who they would rescue first - Zac or Dwayne?

From Variety @ CinemaCon:
Dwayne Johnson is slipping into David Hasselhoff’s swim trunks in “Baywatch,” and while he may be patrolling the beaches of Los Angeles County saving lives, he’s not taking himself too seriously.

Based on footage screened at CinemaCon on Monday, this is a “21 Jump Street” style re-interpretation of a venerable television franchise, one that’s not afraid to send up its source material. In the very red-band trailer, Johnson and co-star Zac Efron drop a lot of four-letter words, while joking about taking orders from their balls. There’s also a bit about the wedgie-inducing swimwear sported by the beautiful female lifeguards who make it safe to go in the water (though no glimpse of legendary “Baywatch” beauty Pamela Anderson).

“Why does this suit ride so far up our asses,” asks one female lifeguard. “I designed it that way,” answers another.

Efron seems to be channeling his “Neighbors” slacker character, missing morning meetings in order to pick up donuts, and getting into trouble for checking out beach beauties without any subtlety.

Saving a summer 2017 offering for the grand finale of its CinemaCon presentation Monday night, Paramount touted the TV spinoff feature, which studio vice chairman Rob Moore said has left star Johnson with “dreams of grosses even bigger than his biceps.”

The presentation from the studio featured Johnson and cast via remote video, all sporting swimsuits and attitude to match the remake of the television hit of the 1990s. The trailer, with its generous serving of tanned flesh and action-packed rescues drew a warm, if not ecstatic, reaction from the assembled film exhibitors.

Johnson promised the film – -also starring Alexandra Daddario, Priyanka Chopra and Kelly Rohrbach – would be a “global success for the movie theaters all over the world,” adding: “That is what it screams.”

What little of the plot was revealed in the trailer had Johnson and Efron riffing like cop buddies and battling with both their wits and their brawn – trading one liners, working out ferociously and keeping an eye on ubiquitous scantily-clad babes.

Johnson and crew promised they would visit CinemaCon next spring to introduce their film in person, shortly before its May 19, 2017 release. The one-time pro wrestler pledged: ““This is our beach bitch, we are coming at you.”

Neighbors 2

From MTV: Seth gets asked about Neighbors 2 and Zac (and his shirtlessness) here.

From EW:
“Mad Max was an inspiration,” says Stoller, in all seriousness, about the film’s big action set piece. “It is point one percent as awesome as anything in that movie,” he laughs. “It’s a crazy chase. It’s all really smoky. There’s a post-apocalyptic vibe to the tailgate. There’s lots of smoke and fire.”

Neighbors 2 finds freshman Chloë Grace Moretz creating a new party sorority, Kappa Nu. “The girls are trying to raise money to keep their house,” Stoller explains. “They decide what they’re going to do is corner the market on weed for a weekend. So they’re gonna buy a bunch of weed with their money, and they’re gonna rat out all the drug dealers in this college town, and then they’ll be able to sell weed at the tailgate.” The characters played by Rogen and Byrne – desperate to get the girls out of the house – seize on the opportunity to get the sorority kicked out. What ensues is, per Stoller, a “dumb heist.”

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...Just kidding
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Bee: Zac – Leno - b/w - touching hair - smilijeezbee on April 12th, 2016 04:54 pm (UTC)
At first I sort of rolled my eyes at Zac's recent IG pic where he's imitating Dwayne's "stand in front of a private jet" pic and thought he's overdoing it but with his "Just kidding" follow-up minutes later, he turned it into a really neat parody.

Zac looked really good at the MTV Movie Awards (that jacket aside).

I hope we get some fun viral videos from that Neighbors 2 press stuff.

Based on what's coming out of CinemaCon, I see my concerns regarding the script confirmed; those writers are really not good. Thankfully, we'll get at least some action-y stuff to enjoy but I hope they get a decent onset writer asap who can add jokes which actually land.
kleth on April 14th, 2016 06:19 pm (UTC)
I happened to catch a few minutes of The Lucky One on a cable channel last night. I hadn't watched any of this former-years stuff for a long time, and I was shocked to see how round and fat Zac's face was back then. Much improved now, I must say. I don't know what he's doing to achieve his chiseled visage, but he should keep doing it.