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Sigh of relief: The real Razzie nominations

Okay a few weeks ago someone posted a list of Razzie nominations on ONTD which included Zef as worst actor and HSM3 in pretty much every category it could compete in (worst couple, worst actress...). The Razzies seemed full of HSM hate. I mean, HSM is no Citizen Kane but it isn't that bad. And Zac did pretty well too. Plus the Razzies are traditionally announced the day before Oscars. So all of that made this supposed list seem awfully strange.

So no surprise, today the real Razzie nominations came out and Zac Efron and HSM are nowhere to be seen.

I am surprised however by the continuing lack of Twilight. Oh well, there's always next year.

To celebrate, a pic of Zef's arrival to the Golden Globes pre-party.

Now if I could just get my effing internet to work right again.
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