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Round up: Neighbors 2, Mike and Dave & Dirty Grandpa

Neighbors 2

They were doing a few pick-ups on the weekend:

Back with @sethrogen and it feels so gooood. Suddenly Mac and Kelly's house seems so small. Great to see the whole fam. This movie is guna be 🔥 #neighbors2 @neighborsmovie #tinyhousemovement #sethinsmallspaces

Mike and Dave Need Weddding Dates

Mike and Dave had a first screening at SXSW this weekend. Adam & Anna were there to promote it. In one interview Adam talked about his comments on Zac's penis with E! (you can watch the video there too).
"I've never seen his d--k!" DeVine told me while promoting their new raunchy comedy Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.
Well, DeVine now says, "I made one joke about Zac Efron's d--k and it goes viral."
Efron apparently got in touch with DeVine after hearing about the story. "He was like, 'Dude, now I should talk about your d--k,'" DeVine said. "I was like, 'No one cares about my d--k!'"

1, 2

Dirty Grandpa

According to the official FB page, Lionsgate will release an UNRATED version of Dirty Grandpa on Digital HD on 4/26 and on Blu-ray & DVD 5/17.

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