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Mar 4th
12:47 am
Baywatch: riding into town on a bike  

Meet Brody. Cruising into The Bay with nothing to his name but a duffle bag and a bike #Baywatch

^ Bonus: first pic of Alex on set

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kleth on March 8th, 2016 05:58 pm (UTC)
Random Efron
I've ignored the multiple Baywatch snippets that are popping up almost daily on TV, since they aren't random, they are intended to promote the movie. (The scene with the rope was on both ET and TMZ yesterday. One commentor observed: There are a lot of buff Holywood hotties, but Zac is in a league by himself.)

But Ellen seems to have a thing for Zac, since she puts him up among the first choices each time she plays "Who Would You Rather?" Yesterday, Ellen's guest was a teen gymnast on the way to the Olympics. Ellen had researched the guest and asked, "Do you have a crush on anyone?" The gymnast confessed that she was totally smitten with Zac Efron, basically because he was a hot hunk, but Ellen assured her that he was also a sweet guy. Ellen also noted that he has a girlfriend. The guest responded that Sami was also a former gymnast, so maybe she had a shot anyway.

Ellen gave her gymnast outfit completely covered with pics of Zac. Watch the Olympics this summer to see whether she wears it!

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Beejeezbee on March 8th, 2016 06:03 pm (UTC)
Re: Random Efron
I'll have the video from Ellen in the next post but the pics from Saturday are a pain to do. So many different paps/agencies and every outlet posts different sets, so it's a nightmare to consolidate. It'll finally come later tonight though.