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Round-up: some yay, some nice, some not too bad & some meh

It also started rolling out internationally. It opened in Australia, Hungary, Croatia to #1 and several other countries at #2 (UK, Russia, Portugal, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore). If these territories are any indication, while it won't make huge money, it should do decently for the size of the movie. France opens today and Germany next Thursday; other territories will follow.

Mike and Dave

Great to see them starting with the promo early.

Neighbors 2

This new international trailer has tiny bits of new footage (no new Zac though)

Photoshoot Venice 2012

New pics from an old photoshoot:


New project?

Tracking Board has a new rumor:
Zac Efron is set to produce STRAIGHT TO HELL, Paramount’s feature adaptation of John LeFevre‘s scathing tell-all, Straight to Hell: True Tales of Deviance, Debauchery, and Billion-Dollar Deals, sources confirm. Jason Barrett and Michael Simkin will also produce the project for Efron’s shingle, Ninjas Runnin’ Wild. Efron will produce alongside Doug Banker of Five All in the Fifth Entertainment. No word yet on whether or not Efron will star.

Straight To Hell is based on a true story that originated with a now-infamous Twitter account, @GSElevator. The anonymous account offered a behind-the-scenes look at the real world of international finance without mercy or shame. The hilarious account accumulated over 600,000 followers and prompted Goldman Sachs to launch an international investigation to find the source. The financial powerhouse was shocked to discover that a 34-year-old former bond executive from Texas by the name of John LeFevre was behind the handle. When it was revealed that LeFevre never actually worked at Goldman Sachs, the story generated headlines across the nation.

The movie is expected to be cut from the same cloth as Best Picture nominees The Wolf of Wall Street and The Big Short, adding to the timely subject of corruption and cruelty in the world of high finance. Told with no-holds barred dark humor, LeFevre’s book follows his own story as a jet-setting investment banker, from his experiences on the trading floor to his world of private planes and endless excess. LeFevre provides an uncensored, merciless, yet funny look at an overindulgent culture of finance — much like the Twitter account he created.

TB often jumps the gun way too early, so take this just as a rumor until we get confirmation from the trades.

If this could be more like Big Short, I'd be interested but it sounds like another Wolf of Wall Street which interests me not at all. I doubt they can rival the quality of that and, frankly, it's all been done. Obviously my interest could change depending on writer and director, etc. But right now I am super meh on this project, if he's intending to star. He needs to stop picking this kind of role, doucheyness and drugs aside, it also sounds like *another* observer, there to give us eyes to the shenanigans, and those roles tend to be passive and bland.
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