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Round up: Dirty Grandpa, Neighbors 2, Box office & some candids

After opening with $11.1m last weekend, Dirty Grandpa scored $2.2m today
for a domestic total of $17.5m.

Interview from Dan Mazer with HeyUGuys:
Zac Efron is well-known, but in my opinion somewhat underrated as an actor. How did that relationship between him and Robert De Niro work on screen?

I think you’re absolutely right about Zac, and it is weird that people don’t give him enough credit for being an intuitive and nuanced actor. Its too easy to write him off as the kid from High School Musical and think of him as a teen star. Also, if you’re that good looking quite frankly you have no right to be that good an actor as well.

Acting opposite Bob was obviously one of the things that drew in Zac in the first place. He took in a lot of what Bob did. When you are Zac Efron there are very few people that occupy a spot in the food chain that is equivalent or above. He was very much there and respectful and keen to take on board the experience. It was great to watch.”

Were there big crowds around the pair of them when filming on location?

Yeah, but that’s just the way of the world. Its not the first time they’ve done. They are generous with their time. The real problem was crying 9-year-olds with Zac. That was something we had to factor into the day with him. We had to quell the emotions of some overwhelmed prepubescents. Filmmaking over there is a very well-oiled machine.

Interview from Dan Mazer with OnScreen
And likewise with Zac, who is this screen god, who you’d imagine would be sort of vain and worried about his self-image, completely puts everything out there and exposes himself, and shows a complete lack of vanity or ego in this role. And that to me was sort of amazing, and it’s about creating that atmosphere of trust on set, of ‘trust me, this is going to be funny enough, and compelling enough, that nobody is going to look silly doing this‘. Because the commitment is total and intense.
So, particularly in this film, obviously Bob and Zac were unknown quantities to me in terms of their improvisational skills. And they were both, I have to say, absolutely brilliant, and much more comedically intuitive than you might imagine.

Neighbors 2

Now embeddable:


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