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Jan 23rd
06:41 pm
More Dirty Grandpa & first box office  

Unfortunately, the snowstorm impacted the box office noticeably as many theaters on the East Coast had to close. It's a pity it had to happen this weekend but on the upside it looks like it will still gross more than $10m this weekend which isn't great but not a disaster.
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kleth on January 29th, 2016 04:24 pm (UTC)
And still Number Three on Wednesday. Some big new releases will push it down the list this weekend, but Box Office Mojo is still predicting that it will only decline to Number Six with $6.67 million.

Why does this matter? Because, while no one will remember DG as a hit starring Zac Efron, neither will anyone remember DG as a flop starring Zac Efron.

Now we can start praying for Dave & Mike. I have absolutely no sense of how this one will do. And Zac is the only big name in it, so it's all on the line again.