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Jan 23rd
06:41 pm
More Dirty Grandpa & first box office  

Unfortunately, the snowstorm impacted the box office noticeably as many theaters on the East Coast had to close. It's a pity it had to happen this weekend but on the upside it looks like it will still gross more than $10m this weekend which isn't great but not a disaster.
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countessm3countessm3 on January 28th, 2016 02:02 am (UTC)
Re: Another side note
"there is some kind of taboo in Hollywood - how dare you exploit women!"

Oh, there's still tons of exploitation of women in the industry. The good news is that men are now being exploited for their sexuality. I'm an equal opportunist!

"In addition, now they want to make the Oscars "representative" rather than a merit system."

This has already happened in literature. Some corners have started to complain that quality has been sacrificed in the name of representation, that contemporary literature is boring and average. Well, it is - that's why I hate it. When they started publishing good work no matter who produces it I might start liking it. Until then, I'll not bother with anything published after 1900 (with a few exceptions).

This is what happens when political correctness goes too far, and it's the reason why Donald Trump is so popular, despite having few qualifications to be president. People are tired of it.