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Jan 23rd
06:41 pm
More Dirty Grandpa & first box office  

Unfortunately, the snowstorm impacted the box office noticeably as many theaters on the East Coast had to close. It's a pity it had to happen this weekend but on the upside it looks like it will still gross more than $10m this weekend which isn't great but not a disaster.
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kleth on January 24th, 2016 09:07 pm (UTC)
They were certainly careful not to waste a lot of money on a big promo campaign, but cast members did appear on at least half a dozen talk shows and I saw TV commercials every evening during the week preceding the opening.

No fear regarding Neighbors 2, I have already seen three set visits on ET, Today, and Inside Edition and we're still four months out. We'll probably be sick of N2 promo by the time opening weekend finally arrives.