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Jan 10th
01:32 pm
Lakers and Dirty Grandpa Post (p.s. #GoHawks)  

Dirty Grandpa EPK B-roll and Interviews

More Trailer/Poster stuff


Excerpts from Variety interview with Zoey
What do you love about “Dirty Grandpa”?

I shot it, so you’d think I’d have some concept of how raunchy and funny it is. But the movie just keeps surprising you in terms of how crazy it is.


What was it like working with Robert DeNiro and Zac Efron?

Robert is hilarious, and he’s kind, and amazing. And Zace is just the most charming creature on earth. He really is just like 129% charm. And you’re like, ‘come on, I’ll crack that charm code!’ He’s really respectful, and he cares so much, and he understands the responsibility that comes along with being the lead of a movie.

Interview with De Niro from Haute Living
In the upcoming raunchy comedy, Dirty Grandpa, De Niro shares the screen with another young, buzz-worthy actor, Zac Efron. De Niro’s character, Dick Kelly, tricks his grandson Jason (played by Efron) into taking him on a road trip to Florida. It’s De Niro as you’ve never seen him before: shirtless, drinking and dancing with spring breakers like a college co-ed with Efron as his straight man.

Sadly, there were no drinking competitions or real-life foam parties with Efron. “It was very professional,” he maintains, as he sips his water from a straw. “When you’re [on set], you’ve got work to do. That’s the task at hand. Not that film sets don’t have that [element of craziness], but not in my experience that much.”

Dirty Grandpa is a radical shift for the actor who brought urban realist anti-hero Travis Bickle to life. Even his dapper, congenial character from The Intern wouldn’t recognize this De Niro. And that is precisely why he went for it. “I just liked the idea of doing something that was crazy and out there and different [from what I’ve done] and so I said ‘Why not?’” De Niro says with a shrug. “I just thought ‘I’ll just do it and hopefully people like it.’ It’s irreverent and a little out there—but what the hell.”
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WAYF2015IloveDjZac on January 11th, 2016 12:26 pm (UTC)
I think we can expect a funny, entertaining movie. I will be in cinema the day it comes out.
cindiest on January 11th, 2016 05:33 pm (UTC)
so excited for press stuff to start popping up. he plays it close to the vest, but i hope we get to hear di niro say some nice things about zac.
countessm3countessm3 on January 11th, 2016 06:43 pm (UTC)
"Zac has a dirty Grandpa...keep your eyes on your old".

Sorry French people. I'm keeping my eyes on Zac's naked body.
countessm3countessm3 on January 11th, 2016 06:57 pm (UTC)
Oh, had a funny dream about Zac last night (this after I dreamt Colton Haynes was my boyfriend until I told him he was gay, and then he left me for a man).

Zac was just a normal, non-famous guy and my fiancée, but God had not naturally "endowed him" so to speak. I saw how unhappy he was and wanted to make him happy, so being a witch (or something), I wiggled my nose and presto! Instant endowment. He then proceeded to screw everything that moved that was not male. I hated him as only I can hate and I hated the females, so I went presto! again and returned him to his former state.

He then began to crawl back to me. It was a consolation prize, since if he had been "gifted" he would have been a profligate manwhore collecting STDS like stamps, but at least he was mine again.

The moral of this story (other than the fact that my subconscious enjoys torturing me as much as my superego does, and the truth is apparently just as important when I'm asleep as when I'm awake) is to not eat cruciferous vegetables before one goes to sleep.