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Jan 4th
09:47 pm
Roundup - Covering All Our Bases style  
Dirty Grandpa

It's been a life long dream of mine to work with De Niro. Lo and behold, I spend most of the movie naked or in women's clothing. And you know what...it was TOTALLY WORTH IT. I can't wait for you to see @dirtygrandpa - it's hilarious! Save the date for a wild (and really weird) ride on JAN 22 #dirtygrandpa

Dwayne's response (via E!):

Total Film and Bus Ad

TV spots

Neighbors 2

“I could do a TED talk on how to throw a fake party,” says director Nicholas Stoller. “I’ve thrown at least 20 times more fake parties than real parties, and my real parties are so much worse.” Stoller had plenty of revelry to feign for this sequel to 2014’s Neighbors, which sees Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne reprising their roles as self-conscious thirtysomething couple Mac and Kelly Radner.

This time around, they are dealing with the sudden appearance of a sorority on their block — pledges include Chloë Grace Moretz and Selena Gomez — and the return of Zac Efron’s fraternity adversary, Teddy Sanders. “With the sorority girls, it’s like a glimpse into their daughter’s future, and it terrifies them,” Byrne says.

Among the barn burners created for the film are a disorienting hall-of-mirrors rave and a down-and-dirty Mad Max-inspired tailgate. “That one was both a lot of fun and a nightmare to shoot,” Rogen says. “Anytime I’m shirtless next to Zac Efron for really long periods, it even gets to me eventually.”

EW Print edition:

1, 2

The Disaster Artist

Baywatch Casting of CJ

For our #BAYWATCH and the iconic role of "CJ Parker" I had to make sure @kellyrohrbach was ridiculously sexy running in SLO-MO....

For our #BAYWATCH and the iconic role of "CJ Parker" I had to make sure @kellyrohrbach was... tough.

A pleasure welcoming @kellyrohrbach to our #BAYWATCH family for the iconic role of "CJ Parker". Yes, she's a walking smoke stack but more importantly... she's smart, tough and funny. Just the way we like 'em. Get ready world, we can't wait to bring you our generation's #BAYWATCH! You'll have fun... 👊🏾🔥💯👙🍆 (last emoji somewhat inappropriate).

For more on Kelly Rohrbach, read this. She seems cool. Oh for an official write up, see THR.

HSM: EW 10-Year Class Reunion (IDEK guys)

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hunny miss (aka lets fead him to the gators)ehs_wildcats on January 5th, 2016 05:32 am (UTC)
happy new year!

i am getting more excited too, lol, they are doing a good job with promo i think.
Bee: Zac – Leno - b/w - touching hair - smilijeezbee on January 5th, 2016 04:08 am (UTC)
The Dirty Grandpa promo is going to be interesting. De Niro is by all accounts a nice guy but he doesn't like promo (there have been a few incidents) and from what I know he "hates" it when co-stars (esp young ones) go all fanboy/fangirl over him. Iirc there were a few awkward situations with Anne Hathaway during The Intern promo because of this. Let's see if Zac can keep his shit together when De Niro is around. lol

I'm strangely ok with Kelly Rohrbach too. Not that I'm blown away or anything and I have no idea about her acting (although it was nice to find out that she actually has an acting education) but I really couldn't come up with any feasible alternative I liked for that role. I hope they get interesting choices for the other roles which should be a bit easier to cast.

Also, the hat and angle was very considerate of Zac, so it makes it easier for me to ignore his ugly stache. Nice pic... much better background than the restroom. lol
kleth on January 5th, 2016 07:09 pm (UTC)
There's no question that Zac wants to spaz out over Di Nero (as he did in the hotel men's room when he first encountered Di Nero). But Zac is pretty sharp, and by this time I suspect he is aware of De Nero's dislike for fawning co-stars and will play it cool. "Yeah, me and Bobby, we're just two actors making a movie." But inside, of course, he'll be spazzing out.
Aliciapop86 on January 5th, 2016 12:45 pm (UTC)
Happy New Year

I'm happy he enjoyed his time off in Japan and Vietnam. I want to see more pictures.

Bee: Zac – 17 Again - A - shifting eyes sidewjeezbee on January 5th, 2016 01:58 pm (UTC)
If we're lucky we get more public restrooms, subways and him crossing the street in front of nondescript buildings. jk, sort of.
countessm3countessm3 on January 11th, 2016 06:24 pm (UTC)
Just watched Fast and Furious 7 yesterday and more psyched about Baywatch as I remembered just why I love The Rock so much. Zac looks good in all these photos (except the one where it's clear he just woke up and kissed Sami on the cheek, lol. Nice to know he doesn't wake up with perfect hair either.