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Some Dirty Grandpa with sprinkles of Disaster Artist and Neighbors 2

Dirty Grandpa

German trailer with new footage (2nd half)

Holiday e-Cards from the official website:

The Canadian Dirty Grandpa distributor has sent out "interesting" Xmas presents to journalists:

The Disaster Artist

Neighbors 2

Ike has been promoting Sisters and he talked a bit about Neighbors 2 with Vanity Fair & Buzzfeed.

In addition to Suicide Squad, next year also brings Neighbors 2, which Barinholtz praises by saying, “This one is even more dumb. Everyone’s dumb. I’m dumb. Seth [Rogen] is dumb. Rose [Byrne] is dumb. Zac [Efron] is dumb. Chloe Moretz is dumb. My wife Carla [Gallo] is dumb. Everyone’s stupid in it, which is a lovely place to be.”

But he has seen plenty of that kind of fame firsthand. “I remember we were shooting Neighbors 2 and there were these three women — one was 58, one was 38, and one was 14 — and they were all screaming ‘Zac! Zac!’ over and over. And I was like, ‘That’s three generations of women that want to fuck you,’” Barinholtz said with a laugh. “To have a life like Zac or Tina or Amy or Mindy is pretty intense.”

He also talked with Today about the clown picture here.
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