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Dec 9th
06:29 pm
Roundup: The Disaster Artist, Lekker & more  
The Disaster Artist

If you want to be "spoiled," this is from the scene in the movie which got posted yesterday. It also confirms that Zac is indeed playing Dan Janjigian who played the drug dealer, Chris-R, in The Room.




From an interview with Rob Lowe's co-star Hana Hayes with Instyle:
“I’ve loved Zac Efron ever since he played Troy Bolton in High School Musical,” said Hayes. “One day he Tweeted about The Grinder, and I asked Rob if he had seen the Tweet. He said, ‘Little Zacky? He’s basically lived at my house before!’ Then we started talking about whether or not he’s too old for me to date, but Rob said, ‘He’d have to get through me first.’ We’re like a very loving family, which is nice.”
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Bee: Zac – Details - plaid - profilejeezbee on December 9th, 2015 09:14 pm (UTC)
I didn't know much beyond the premise, some basics and people involved yesterday but after all the information I picked up since the casting announcement, I really like the idea of Zac's cameo. It's a really small role but from what I gather Chris-R is pretty iconic and the scene is really ridiculous in a good way. And the fact that so many people are thrilled with the casting is great too; that's not always a reaction we get as Zac fans.

I said it on twitter a few days ago but LOL at the pic Zac decided to post from Vietnam. A mirror selfie from inside a public restroom? That's the location he decides to show off? I hope his private vacation pics are better than that.