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Zac to cameo in 'The Disaster Artist'

From THR's Borys Kit:
Zac Efron is reteaming with his Neighbors cohort Seth Rogen for The Disaster Artist, New Line’s making-of movie about the 2003 drama The Room, widely considered one of the worst movies of all time.

Rogen is one of the stars of Disaster Artist and producing it with his Point Grey Pictures partner Evan Goldberg, Vince Jolivette and Good Universe.

James Franco is directing and also starring in the movie which is based on a 2013 book by Greg Sestero, who starred in Room, and Tom Bissell.

New Line’s movie is planned as a buddy comedy about two outsiders who embark on a delusional journey to make their dreams come true.

Franco is starring as the eccentric Tommy Wiseau, the director and star of the 2003 drama, which developed a strong cult following, including among celebrities who loved it in a "so bad it's good" way.

Wiseau had no filmmaking experience when he set out to write, direct and produce The Room, which centers on a man named Johnny whose fiancee, Lisa, cheats on him with his best friend, Mark.

Dave Franco is playing Sestero, the actor who played Mark in Room.

The movie began shooting Monday in Los Angeles, adding Ari Graynor, Jacki Weaver, Hannibal Buress and Andrew Santino.

The movie is also attracting high-profile celebs who are fans of Room, with Josh Hutcherson and Kate Upton already on board for a parts.

In a cameo, Efron will play a drug dealer.

FTR, Zac is likely playing the Dan Janjigian who played the drug dealer, Chris-R. In the original movie, Chris-R attacks Denny for drug money owed. Denny's actor, Philip Haldiman, will be played by Josh Hutcherson. You can see this clip under the cut, be prepared for lolz.

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