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My (belated) Golden Globes Post

A few days late, but here are some of my favorite pics of Zac Efron from that night.

Summary: they arrived and posed a bunch, he presented, they left and went to the InStyle/WB and CAA parties.

Zac... TBH, I wasn't a fan of the hair. I like pushed-back hair on him, but this style was a little bit too slicked back and way too flat. It did look better in the inside pics vs. the outside ones. The suit was to die for though. Ugh, so hot!

Vanessa... I may not like her acting/singing but I'll always admit she's very pretty. The color of her dress was beautiful and her makeup and hair were lovely, all very complementary to her skin tone. I liked the dress design but the cut of the dress didn't seem quite right. It overemphasized her rear and stomach, making them look bigger than they really are and it made her chest look smaller than it is. It was a strange fit and not that flattering but still better than a lot of other celeb dresses.

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