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Roundup - Hilarity for Charity (aka his most unusual role yet?) and more

James Franco's Bar Mitzvah for Hilarity for Charity

From E Online!:
The actor later told the audience the bar mitzvah couldn't continue unless Franco underwent a circumcision, which are typically performed on Jewish baby boys, by a rabbi.

A gurney was wheeled onstage and the actor got on it. Jeff Goldblum appeared onstage, dressed as a rabbi.

Franco was covered up by a curtain just as Rabbi Goldblum was about the perform the ritual, a pre-recorded video of Zac Efron was then screened. His role? The actor played Franco's "foreskin" and joked he has protected him for a long time…

"Tonight has been f--king eventful, I mean, Zac Efron as your f--kin' penis, foreskin, that's a famous dick you got there, we all knew that anyway!" Cyrus told the audience.

From Jewish Journal:
Actor Zac Efron played Franco’s about-to-be-severed foreskin, uttering its last words, which included, “While you have the mohel, why don't you have him cut away some of your eyelids so you can finally see?" referring to the star’s famously squinty smirk.

From Logo - New Now Next:
As the mock bar mitzvah for James Franco continues, Jeff Goldblum was called upon to do the circumcision. Thankfully, Franco’s foreskin was given a minute to speak before being ceremonially removed, and was voiced by Zac Efron in a pretaped message. The flap “requested to be buried in Bungalow 3 at the Chateau Marmont (notoriously known for the place where actor and comedian Josh [sic] Belushi was found dead after a drug overdose), but not before thanking the actor for always having his back when the ladies dubbed him gross, and bidding adieu to his testicular neighbors Gary and Bob.”

new wax figure at madame tussauds in DC

more social media: birthday & misc

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