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Neighbors 2: not a birthday post

So I don't really want to spend a lot of time on this and I *really* hate giving this guy any attention (whatever his protestations, I think he loves it). But I feel like trying to preempt y'all clicking on the blinds that this surely will inspire.

A dumbass extra got fired. Why did the story get to TMZ even? Did the guy send it to them or did one of his friends in support of him? That's my best guess. Unfortunately if they were trying to make him look better, it just doesn't work. I don't think he was fired for one picture of fake weed (which, btw, was posted more than 3 weeks ago) or questioning Zac's sobriety. No, I think he was fired because he posted a lot of pics/set info and, frankly, his behavior in general was more attention-whore/fanboy than professional. You just don't do latter and especially don't do the former, especially when you have signed a non-disclosure agreement (which is standard for extras on sets).

Of course, the fucked up part of it is that this leads to TMZ making this about questioning Zac's sobriety. That's what pisses me off. Like when Zac does something questionable or fucks up, fine. I have said so many times over the past few years, Zac's made his bed and he's got to lie in it. And, of course, I continue to worry/hope that he maintains sobriety, as I think most people who care about him do. But this is just horseshit and caused by some other idiot doing something wrong, then trying to make 15 minutes or repair his rep off of it.

And I have no doubt that blind sites will use it to make up blinds. So this is the point of this: don't click on those stories. That could be your birthday present to Zac. TO NOT CLICK OR (RE)TWEET THIS GARBAGE. There, I kind of made it a birthday post, despite the title. Bottom line: don't give them hits ever (they'll only write more if you do because clicks make them money), but especially don't reward the many asshole idiots behind this particular set.
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