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Zac needs Mulder and Scully to come investigate...

THIS ZAC EFRON lad from High School Musical is a popular chap.

He was billed as the biggest teen star on the planet and has his own SAS guards to keep him safe from screaming girls.

But he sounds like a bit of a soft lad to me.

Zac has been shaken by the “supernatural” on the set of new movie Me And Orson Welles in Douglas on the Isle of Man.

Zac and his co-star CLAIRE DANES were convinced they saw a ghost while playing a scene in the Gaiety Theatre — which is supposedly one of the most haunted in the country.

It’s the same old score as most ghost stories. They thought they saw a figure outside the window...blah, blah, blah.

So the crew have been making the most of their fears, winding them up at every opportunity.

Come on, Zac, get some ghoulies.


Also, for those interested, a fan at the zefron forums posted here about her experience as an extra on the MAOW set.

ETA: LOL this poster on the Isle of Man webboards posted this pic of someone who may or may not be Zac. They say:

"As another world exclusive, I bring you a shot of Zorc Safran or whatever his name, topless at the window of his room. Ok, can't really see it's him - and I'm not even sure it's him - could be anyone - was dark in the end - but let's just say it's him, ey?

"Paparazzi work is highly overrated btw - lasted about 5 minutes before I got bored and cold and went home..."

We'll say it is just cause we're bored with no new zaccy pics.
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