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Mike & Dave Set Visit and the film wraps

Interview with Adam and Zac from here:

Anna and Aubrey did interviews too, like this one, where they reveal there will be a musical number at the end:
When I asked if there would be any musical numbers in this movie, Anna said yes!

“They like conspired to put a f****** song in this movie,” Kendrick dished. “And Zac and Adam and I were like, ‘Hmm….suspicious.'”

However, unlike “Cups,” Kendrick says we shouldn’t expect to hear this song on the radio anytime soon…

“We all just sang really, really badly,” the Oscar-nominated actress dished. “It was really fun actually, like we think we sound really good, but it was really bad. I was doing a lot of over-confident, terrible riffs, which are my favorite.”

So what about Aubrey? Well believe it or not, she’s involved as well – and she’s utilizing her mad rapping skills!

“I was the one who didn’t know what she was doing at all because I’ve never been in a musical movie before,” Plaza explained. “I have rap thing…I think I was really pretty terrible. And I didn’t really sign up to do that – that was something that was thrown at us mid-production.”

“That was the fun part!” Kendrick said. “They were like ‘I don’t think the ending of the movie is right, let’s do a song!'”

“It’s very old-school, ‘Let’s end the film with a musical number!'” Plaza joked. “It’s like what they used to do in the ’40s.”

Also another interview with Andrea Russett

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