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Zac takes over E!'s Instagram

Happy Friday: @ZacEfron is taking over our Instagram today! Who's ready to go behind the scenes of his new movie WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS! +Click the link in our bio to watch the hot new #WAYF trailer!

"The. World. Is. Ours. #WAYF" —@zacefron

"My knickers #WAYF" —@ZacEfron

"Lost in Mason's baby blues. #WAYF #JonnyWeston" —@ZacEfron

"Beat laboratory." —@ZacEfron #WAYF

"Between takes #WAYF" —@ZacEfron

Squad Goals: Squirrel. Mason. Cole. Ollie #WAYF" —@ZacEfron

The deck #WAYF" —@zacefron

"Gettin' it in #WAYF" —@ZacEfron

This is how you wrap a movie. #WAYF with @maxjoseph @Shilohfernandez @alshaff #JonnyWeston"—@ZacEfron

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