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WAYF promo, new poster and more about Lekker

From Emily's ELLE interview:
We Are Your Friends is about a famous DJ, played by Zac Efron...
He's trying to get famous. He's just coming up.

How is Zac Efron as an actual DJ?
You know what, he's excellent! If he ever wants to have another career and give that a try, why not? And you can't beat him in the looks department.

Zac, Emily & Max are also attending a French premiere in Lomme on Aug 12. Since they seem to be going to Europe for promo, other events around that date will likely appear over the next few weeks.

Lekker Skateboards

A bit more info from the Tribune article:
Boortz said that Efron’s involvement with the company has helped them gain media attention. “It’s been great to work with him (Efron). He’s a decent guy that likes hard work.”
Efron and [David] Boortz, who began Lekker Skateboards in early 2014 and own it 50-50, have completed their first line of handcrafted skateboards called “Central Coast Classic.”

So far, they’ve sold 26 of 65 boards in their first collection, each featuring a one-of-a-kind design and handmade by Efron, Boortz and several friends.

Boortz called the skateboard an all-around board, a combination of long boarding with the convenience and portability of short boards.

The Central Coast Classic line pays homage to San Luis Obispo and the skateboard company’s origins, Boortz said.

Bishop Peak can be seen in the line’s logo, and local beach sand is embedded into the top of every board. Each skateboard has a different name, including many with local ties such as “Pirates Cove,” “SLO Life,” “Cruiseberg” and “The Montana de Oro.” Each board is personally signed by both Efron and Boortz.
The skateboards are made in a workshop in Boortz’s San Luis Obispo garage or at Efron’s house in Los Angeles. Boortz hopes to expand and eventually open a functioning workshop that’s sectioned off with a skate shop storefront, where people can watch the skateboards being made.
Boortz said that they are testing designs for their second line, which will be sold at a more affordable price. They hope to have it available by the Christmas holidays.
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