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Catching up on Mike and Dave filming

Short mention from Jake in his Salon interview:
You’re doing this interview from Hawaii where you’re shooting your first feature film with Anna Kendrick. That doesn’t sound terrible.

We’ve got Anna Kendrick, Zac Efron, Adam DeVine and Aubrey Plaza out here for a movie called “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.” It’s an R-rated destination wedding comedy about these two brothers — Zach [sic] and Adam — who go looking online for dates to their sister’s wedding. They find Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza, who wind up being bigger monsters than the boys are. We’re having a good time.

You’re used to working in a short form. What’s funny to you that will work in a longer project?

You have to make sure that you’re concentrating on a story that’s going to last an hour and a half instead of three minutes. A lot of that is making sure you’re not selling out the characters or selling out the scene for a quick kill but that you’re doing something that plays to the emotion of the entire movie.
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